4 Qualities that an SEO Must Have

Search engine optimization or SEO is an online marketing strategy that most companies are using nowadays to promote their brand. Your company can employ an SEO expert, or you hire the services of a freelance individual SEO professional or a consulting firm. Whether you employ an SEO expert or hire a consulting firm, the primary goal is to improve your website, keyword research, finding ways so that you will be on the top ranking of search engines, linking, increasing leads and do analysis of the whole picture.

But other than experience and the technical know-how, the personality of the SEO expert is also crucial. For sure, your SEO will fail if the expert who you hired does not possess the following traits.

Willingness to Coordinate

It is very important for an SEO to coordinate well with specific branches of your company such as the accounting, marketing, sales, IT, customer service and other offices. It is essential that he interacts with them because, in some stages of his work, some functions might be parallel with the jobs of one of the offices. By coordinating, he may be able to source some assistance from other employees. It is also helpful when gathering data.

Ability to Communicate

An SEO should have exceptional communication skills. He should be able to express his thought that is easy to comprehend. This will foster understanding and cooperation to achieve a common goal.

He should also know how to make a report on the progress of his work and discuss with the employer and proper employees of the company.


An SEO should be willing to do overtime. With a lot of work to be done, spending more time and effort may be needed to accomplish tasks within a time frame. A person who is willing change course if needed and to go beyond the set rules to attain the goals of the company is not only an asset but a goldmine.


The ideal SEO should have the passion to get things done promptly and efficiently. Although results may not come quickly, he is adamant in finding solutions to enhance the achievement of goals immediately. He never gives up easily and finds the courage to continue his tasks in spite of slow results and formidable competition.

So there, the success of your SEO marketing strategy does not only depend on an expert’s experience and technical know-how but as crucial as they are, are the positive values the SEO expert possesses.

Author: Zyaire Mcmahon

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