What to Expect When Using Video Brochures

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If you are in business, you can use a video brochure to help your customers see your products and company in a new way. Video brochures, video displays, and video mailers offer you an opportunity to utilize the power of video messaging plus the flexibility and target potential of the printed media. When choosing video brochures, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Interactive Design

You can develop an interactive experience that ensures the viewer is focused on content. In fact, you can choose from different channel buttons, volume buttons, play/pause buttons, and even fine-tune your video messages.

Preferred Media

You should note that video brochures utilize LCD screens that are embedded within the printed brochure to offer customers added exposure to the data and information. In fact, people may fail to read through the bulleted points even in the most attractive and colorful brochure. However, the video display grabs the attention of the customer throughout the presentation. Also, the printed content on the video brochure allows customers to access vital information at a glance.

Instant Access

With video brochures and mailers, you do not have to worry about having high internet speeds to provide an excellent presentation. In fact, a video brochure allows you to share quality data and information at any particular time, no matter the location. That is because your presentation can be stored in the cloud and can be obtained anytime. Moreover, you can store it locally and use the USB cable to share it without the need for the internet. The truth is that you do not need a lot of storage space on your computer to keep video brochures. That is because a standard video brochure is only 128 MB of memory.

Lasting Impact

As you know, print brochures are quite common and widely used in marketing. By adding a video presentation to the brochure, you will be offering your customers something to talk about. In fact, videos help your product to stand out from an influx of marketing messages for a long-lasting audiovisual experience.


After creating your video brochure, you will have many options to customize the content. In fact, you can replace the video when there is a need to update information. You only need to upload it and edit it. Moreover, you can customize the video to reach out to various audiences whilst maintaining the same information in your brochure.

Author: Zyaire Mcmahon

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